Monday, August 24, 2009

Zevia Natural Sodas

So I tried out the rest of the flavors from Zevia—Cola, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, Twist, and Orange. (Here's the review of Zevia Natural Root Beer, in case you missed it.) I cannot believe how rich the flavor is for these no-calorie sodas. They taste like candy!

Zevia’s Natural Ginger Ale especially impressed me. I have never been a fan of the leading conventional ginger ale sodas, both the regular and diet varieties, so I assumed that this taste test would be no different. But Zevia really comes through on the ginger ale flavor. It doesn’t have that stinging “after burn” effect of the usual brands. All I tasted was sweet, sweet ginger ale goodness. Unbelievable!

I swear, after trying out these Zevia Natural Sodas, it makes me want to open up a website dedicated to selling nothing but food products containing Stevia. It’s so cool to know there’s a naturally calorie-free soda that really delivers on flavor. Are you paying attention, conventional soda execs?


Sheri said...

Stevia seems like a well-kept secret but many people like us have been using it for years to make our own drinks and snacks. I agree, Zevia is very tasty. I have a few other drinks that have stevia in them and they are all good.

Grading Girl said...

I agree that Zevia tastes much more sugarful than it is. I was so impressed that I blogged about it as well:

Food Meister said...

Sheri, I also like using Stevia when I bake muffins and cakes. It's funny how when I tell friends and family that I used Stevia instead of sugar (and applesauce instead of oil/butter), they are so leery, but then they take a bite and are surprised that it tastes good. LOL, like I'd actually settle for nasty-tasting muffins.

Grading Girl, I headed over to your blog to read your review. That ingredient info and comparison with conventional sodas you included is just priceless.

Tiffany said...

Zevia was invited by a guy I went to high school with. I brought them to a party once but haven't tried them b/c I kinda gave soda up completely, but the ginger ale sounds great and who doesn't love a root beer float(with coconut ice cream)?

Food Meister said...

Yeah, if you're in the mood for a rootbeer float, I totally would recommend the Zevia ginger ale soda. I still can't get over how sweet the stuff tastes.

Ashley said...

I've tride the Zevia Root beer ginger soda. I LOVE IT. I can;t wait to get some more. Any ideas where I can get the best price? I payed $5.99 for 6 at whole foods.