Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream Review

If I’m splurging on ice cream, then I’m probably already emotional. The last thing I want is to be humbled by big words on an ice cream carton. Who needs that?

So, to keep what little sanity I have left, I am a fan of ice cream that lists pronounceable ingredients—such as the Breyers brand. The full-fat variety of ice cream is usually my vice, but yesterday I was feeling frisky. I grabbed a carton of fat-free vanilla and didn’t look back.

How’d Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream taste? Well, the ice cream was so frozen solid, even a heated scooper couldn’t dig much into it. (And let me tell you, Food Meister tried very hard!)

What gives? The outside of the Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream carton looked fine at the supermarket. No frost whatsoever. But inside, it’s iceberg city. Major disappoint.

What little I did taste of Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream wasn’t bad. A little icy, but the vanilla flavor was pleasant enough. If it hadn’t been so darn rock hard, I’d actually buy it again. Maybe I’ll try buying a carton from a different supermarket to see if there’s a difference. A little iciness around the edges is not such a bad tradeoff for less fat and calories.

Try Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream if you dare; you’ve been warned about the potential hardness problem.


Count Sneaky said...

The Count has eaten this delight a number of times without encountering(forgive the pun)this problem. I do believe it is a good product. Of course,I would eat anything with the words Ice Cream on the carton. My wife was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes an we wondered if there are any lines of food designed particularly for diabetics? Count Sneaky

Food Meister said...

Count Sneaky (love that username, BTW), your comment about eating anything labeled "ice cream" reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy comedy bit. He was joking (I hope) about how, as a kid, he'd eat ice cream that fell on doggie doo doo ... "It's only sprinkles."

As for the diabetic ice cream, I dug up a couple of articles that may be of help. I hope your wife is able to manage her diabetes without too much difficulty.

Dee said...

I never had the Fat Free but I did buy the Double Churn Fat Free and it was awful. There was a horrible after taste that lasted long after the 1 spoonful I tried was gone. My husband who usually eats anything refused to eat anymore after the initial bite. That really surprised me since Breyers regular ice cream is good.

I wrote to the company providing all the required numbers and codes from the carton and they sent me several coupons for free Breyers products. When I redeemed the coupons I made sure to stick with the type I was familiar with and liked.

Food Meister said...

Dee, sorry to hear Breyers Double Churn Free was a such flavor dud for you. Nice job, though, on getting those free ice cream coupons. I love it when food companies do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

u all are crazy! It is delicious and creamy. You need a new grovery store. The fat free is DELICIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

I tried Breyer's fat free ice cream; it's outstanding, and I'm picky! Too bad my local Wal-Mart quit selling it (for some reason).

Anonymous said...

where is the carmal swirl? love it .no store near me has it any more

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