Saturday, March 14, 2009

Iceberg Lettuce vs. Romaine Lettuce

In a comparison of iceberg lettuce vs. romaine lettuce, romaine lays a “nutritional smackdown” on iceberg. The following table gives a side-by-side comparison of iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce per one-cup raw serving (shredded).

Interestingly, although each is based on a one-cup serving, the iceberg lettuce weighs in at 72 grams whereas the romaine is a lightweight at 47 grams. What’s more is that romaine lettuce contains an overall higher amount of nutrients. So, iceberg is more dense and contains fewer nutrients? Yes siree bob, no doubt about it—romaine packs a nutritional punch in the lettuce arena.

This nutritional data was obtained from the USDA National Nutrient Database. Here, I am just posting the more interesting figures found. For a complete look at the nutritional profiles of these two lettuce types, a simple search on the USDA database will bring up the information.







0.9 g

1 g


0.65 g

0.53 g


1.42 g

0.56 g


102 mg

116 mg


0.30 mg

0.46 mg


13 mg

16 mg

vitamin C

2 mg

11.3 mg

folate (total)

21 mcg

64 mcg

carotene (beta)

215 mcg

2456 mcg

vitamin A (IU)

361 IU

4094 IU

vitamin K

17.4 mcg

48.2 mcg

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