Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hansen’s Diet Soda is Worth Buying!

I’ve been a diet soda drinker since adolescence. Over the years, my favorite flavors and brands have changed, but there’s one soda that had me addicted: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. After five years of drinking 4 liters of the stuff almost every week, I knew this love-hate relationship had to end if I wanted to truly live a healthy lifestyle.

Three weeks ago I gave Hansen’s Diet Root Beer a try. This brand of soda contains no aspartame, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. The diet varieties do contain Splenda, though. I’ll have to email Hansen’s to find out why they don’t use natural Stevia instead. When I get a response, I’ll post it on this blog.

At $2.69 for a six-pack, Hansen’s is pricier than other sodas. The good news is that with the prices of many major soda brands rising, Hansen’s sodas aren’t that much pricier anymore. And I don’t know about you, but when I buy a product that is more costly I end up using less of it—that higher price really makes me think before engaging in mindless consumption!

So how does Hansen’s Diet Soda stack up to the usual brands? It’s actually pretty good! However, I did need to drink a six-pack of their diet root beer before completely taking a liking to the slightly different taste. (So if you plan on giving this diet soda a try, be prepared to give it a chance before dismissing it as cruddy.) Now, their diet root beer soda tastes no different to me than any other diet root beer soda I’ve drank before.

I also tried Hansen’s Diet Black Cherry. It doesn’t mimic my beloved Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, but it’s not a dud either. I plan on buying more of this flavor, if that says anything. Another flavor I tried was Diet Tangerine Lime. It is really good right off the bat, with no aftertaste!

I plan on eventually trying all of Hansen’s diet soda flavors. (Pomegranate is next on my list.) I’ll let you all know how the other flavors taste soon in another post.

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Anonymous said...

I like the Diet Ginger Ale. It's tougher than most ginger ales. It's harder to find a ginger beer that's not too sweet, so this is almost close. I get a Splenda headache when I drink two rootbeers back-to-back... I was wondering if anyone else felt sick after drinking this. My mind hurts.