Friday, March 6, 2009

Does Organic Food Taste Better?

I have been buying a mix of organic and non-organic foods for several years now. But if my budget allowed, I’d be buying organic almost all of the time. I feel safer eating organic foods that haven’t been doused in harmful pesticides or pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones.

Okay, back to the original question: Does organic food taste better? In a nutshell, YES! Organic fruits and vegetables are more flavorful, organic meats are fresher, and packaged organic foods taste better than their non-organic counterparts. Not every organic food you buy is going to be an instant hit, but I think it’s safe to say that most will grab your taste buds better than the conventional variety of foods.

What sparked this post on organic foods? Cabbage.

See, I’ve bought the conventional variety of cabbage for years. And, let me tell you, it wasn't out of enjoyment. It was a vegetable I ate out of guilt, something that wasn’t very tasty but was good for my health.

Last week, I bought my first head of organic cabbage (it was on sale). What a difference! The organic cabbage is so deliciously sweet that I find myself eating it raw as a snack. (This, coming from a former chocolate and sugar addict—seriously!)

If you despise cabbage, give the organic variety a try. And this goes for other organic foods as well!

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HyunChard said...

Thank you for posting this info. I gotta agree that what we see is really true. Anyway, it's up to the buyer to figure out what to buy. For me, i only buy organic food delivered to our house from a trusted producer.