Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trader Joe's Chocolate Tea

I am a daily tea drinker. My favorite is green tea, but occasionally Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tea is my choice of the day. Not many people are aware that chocolate tea is even available on the market, so I think a review is in order. But before I discuss Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tea, let’s talk about the health benefits of tea in general.

Tea has gotten a lot of positive reviews in the past few years. Whether it’s green, black, white, or chocolate, the average tea bag packs a nutritional punch without adding calories to your daily diet. Folate, potassium, manganese, and magnesium are among the vitamins and minerals found.

But what really gets people a-buzzing about tea is the antioxidants this warm drink contains. Antioxidants are known to detoxify our body’s cells. This detoxification helps prevent dangerous free radicals from overpopulating within the cell. Free radicals wreak havoc by encouraging blood clot development, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

Okay, enough about the health benefits of tea—let’s move on to Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tea. This tea is basically a decaffeinated black tea with natural flavoring from cocoa beans. This tea also contains a hint of vanilla and coconut, giving it a unique flavor that compliments the chocolate taste.

Overall, I’d say that Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tea has a pretty decent flavor to it. Honestly, it doesn’t help me when I have strong cravings for real chocolate. It does hit the spot for those times I want a little taste of something chocolate, but don’t want to rack up extra calories.

On occasion, I’ll add a few drops of the calorie-free sweetener Stevia and a splash of nonfat milk to Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tea for a richer flavor. Don’t expect this concoction to give your Aunt Emma’s award-winning, bazillion-calorie cocoa drink a run for its money, but it is tastier than those 25-calorie cocoa packets at the store.

I'm sadden to announce that Trader Joe's Chocolate Tea is no longer in production. When my supply runs out, I think I'm going to try Celestial's Chocolate Caramel Tea next. Crossing my fingers ...

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